It’s easy to do business here.

Set in the heart of Halifax’s business and entertainment district, Nova Centre offers a covetable location, a world-class experience, and plenty of amenities to make life more convenient for you and your clients. With the new Halifax Convention Centre next door, a boutique hotel, an abundance of retail shops and restaurants, and Rogers Square, you will have everything you need to wine, dine, entertain, and accommodate.

When designing Nova Centre, we took a sustainable approach, aiming to have a positive impact on tenants’ health and productivity. With floor to ceiling windows that showcase beautiful views and flood offices with natural light, the design reduces the need for artificial lighting and improves the quality of the space. Fresh air ventilation, smart technology, and green building materials add to the centre’s appeal.

With competitive business costs, affordable cost of living, countless cultural and entertainment options, and our friendly residents, Halifax is a bustling economic capital that is eminently liveable. Only a short flight from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York, and the UK, Nova Centre is uniquely positioned in the centre of it all.


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