Discover where industry and culture flourish
Where the sea meets the sky, where business meets pleasure, where cosmopolitan meets East Coast charm. We’re proud to be part of this vibrant and diverse city. Welcome to Nova Centre, your new urban centrepiece.
We all love good neighbours—that’s why the business towers will house a diverse community of financial businesses and professional firms. Our goal is to create a friendly neighbourhood, perfect for building relationships.
When designing Nova Centre, we planned for the future. The centre will be a state-of-the-art facility, using smart and sustainable technology to make life more convenient, more productive, and more energy efficient.
Nova Centre’s covered promenade will give shoppers the freedom to wander among local, high-end, and trendy boutiques. And restaurant-goers will be able to enjoy a unique mix of East Coast and international cuisine in this open-air space.
With 60% of the centre accessible to the public, we want Nova Centre to be a gathering place for the whole city. At the heart of the centre is Grafton Place, a European-style shared street perfect for outdoor concerts, markets, and events.