General Update:

  • Exterior glazing on the office tower is near completion, with only 1.5 floors left to install.
  • The last tower crane is currently being brought down.
  • The roof on the ballroom has now been completed.
  • The glass for the hotel section will now be arriving at the end of May, extending the enclosure date for the hotel by a month. Temporary measures are being taken to allow other areas of the building to proceed, such as the Convention Centre.
  • The mechanical room construction is near complete. 
  • The steel stud framing and mechanical and electrical rough-ins are still underway. 
  • The aluminum framing and glazing on the lower levels and through Argyle street is underway.

What's Coming Up: 

  • We anticipate the areas to be enclosed on the following dates:
    • May 18th – Office Towers
    • July 16th – Convention Centre 
    • September 16th – Hotel Towers 

Fun Fact:

  • The new Convention Centre will be home to one of the largest kitchens in Atlantic Canada.