General Update:

  • A mobile crane will be on site as the glass installation for the hotel section begins.
  • Staging is being built for the process of brick installation.
  • Interior mechanical and electrical work is still ongoing. 
  • Dry wall installation has begun in some areas of the interior.
  • The aluminum framing and glazing on the lower levels and through Argyle street is still progressing.
  • The freight elevators are underway in the interior.
  • There is an average of 190 workers per day on site.

What’s Coming Up:

  • Work to close in the front of the Convention Centre will begin shortly, this will allow the hoarding to be pulled backed and turn a portion of the street back to the HRM.
  • Landscaping plans are near finalization and will be sent out to tender soon.

Fun Fact:

  • EllisDon won the Mainstay WCB Safety award for Safety Leadership. They were evaluated based on their work with the Nova Centre.