General update:

  • The structure is now at its full height, roughly 180 feet above Grafton Street.
  • There is an average of 170 workers onsite daily. 
  • Approximately 250 sections of building glass is now installed. 
  • On average, 15 pieces of glass are installed each day, using the ‘blue box unitized’ system. 
  • Installation of the curtain wall system is currently up to L8. 
  • The exterior temporary elevators for material and manpower are operational to the full height of the office tower. The second temporary elevator (used to access the hotel level) will be completed before February. 
  • The concrete structure is now complete and crews are underway with the stick frame glazing work on the lower levels. 

What’s Coming up 

  • One of the two tower cranes will be removed from the site by mid-February. A major milestone for the project, this indicates the completion of the frame and structural work.