General update:

  • 95% of the structure is complete at this point and now sits 283 feet above Argyle Street.
  • To date, roughly 40,000 cubic metres of concrete have been poured.
  • 184 sections of building glass and 17 pieces of the ‘blue box’ glazing have been installed.
  • The deck over the ballroom is nearly complete with roofing schedules to start in the new year.
  • The main structure of the convention centre is almost complete.
  • Installation of the aluminum framing for the levels below L3 is underway.
  • Installation of the curtain wall system is underway up to level 8. The installation will now begin to ‘corkscrew’ around the building on two elevations.
  • Nova Centre is only the second project in Atlantic Canada using a unitized glazing system. The unitized system reduces a significant amount of on-site labour and helps to enclose the building faster by installing prefabricated glass and frame units, which are lifted into position using a crane.

What’s Coming up in December:

  • The installation of elevators and escalators will continue.
  • Installation of the ‘blue box’ glazing is underway and the face of Argyle will be completed before the end of December.
  • Interior framing will begin in both the convention centre as well as the cores.