General update:

  • Level 9 of the office tower has been completed and form work is starting on level 10.
  • Major deliveries occur within the confines of the fence line.
  • Full time, 24/7 security is now in effect.
  • The project site workforce is now approximately 150. This is expected to reach upwards of 300 by the end of summer.
  • To date, over 29,000 cubic metres of concrete have been poured and 1,325 tonnes of steel have been constructed.
  • Reinforced concrete at the podium level is complete.
  • Grafton Street has been reinstated for construction use.
  • Sackville Street will be closed intermittently throughout August.
  • Market Street is closed until September.
  • By the end of August the fence line will extend to its permanent position.

What’s coming up in August:

  • Construction will be finalized on levels 10 and 11 of the office tower as will the structural steel for the ballroom.
  • Construction of levels 8 and 9 of the hotel.
  • Glass installation on the north tower will continue into 2016.
  • Ongoing structural steel installation on levels 4-7 of the Convention Centre.
  • Pouring Concrete and erecting the supports of the balance of levels 8 and 9 (hotel tower) and 10 and 11 (office tower).
  • Relocation of the fence line along the site perimeter of Sackville Street will be carried out sequentially throughout August.

Notice to neighbours:

  • Sidewalk closures around construction site are still in effect.
  • Expect daily truck activity and increased noise during construction at street level.
  • Intermittent street closures around the site perimeter for form work removal throughout concrete construction.
  • Market Street, Argyle Street and Prince Street closures to occur before 11:00 am.