General Update:

  • The exterior glazing on the office tower is nearing completion, with two floors left to be done.

  • The roofing is near complete on the ballroom section.

  • The 1st floor mechanical room is almost complete.  There are mechanical rooms on L6 and a main mechanical room on L 7. 

  • The escalators are all in place now.

  • The steel stud framing and mechanical and electrical rough-ins are underway on L1 and L2. 

Fun Fact:

  • There are approximately 200 workers on site, with the number of workers expected to double by May 2016. 

What's Coming Up:

  • The glass for the hotel section will be arriving in early May.

  • It is anticipated that the following areas will be enclosed by:

    • May 18th – Office Towers

    • July 16th – Convention Centre

    • September 16th – Hotel Towers