Regardless of where people come from, either next door, across the province or from the far corners of the world, Nova Centre will be a welcoming place for people to see themselves and to connect. It will be a place to work and experience the best of Nova Scotia’s people, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and local food, entertainment and culture. It will be a reflection of and catalyst for economic growth, job creation, tax revenue, tourism, entertainment and people attraction.

Located at the heart of the Argyle entertainment and financial district, Nova Centre will reflect Nova Scotia’s emerging confidence, our aspirations, and our next big opportunity. With one million sq. ft of mixed-use space, Nova Centre is the largest integrated development project undertaken in Nova Scotia’s history.

Nova Centre is transforming two complete city blocks, bordered by Prince, Argyle, Sackville and Market Streets, into a financial centre, luxury hotel, residences, retail and entertainment amenities and a convention centre, parking, and public space. The entire development is world-class – a LEED Gold certified development and quality design influenced by a community and public engagement process.